Sports Performance Trainers

(Speed, Strength, Agility, and Mental Toughness)


Jeremiah Rogers, B.S. in Biokinetics with an emphasis in exercise science - Sports Performance Training Coach


While in undergrad at Bethel University, Jeremiah worked at the school’s biokinetics lab where he administered a wide variety of tests to clients to help better their athletic performance and overall health. He also conducted research on the correlation of ankle flexibility and vertical jump height. Jeremiah interned at ETS for six months as a performance coach during his senior year and graduated from Bethel in 2020. He is currently working toward his CSCS. 


Jeremiah is passionate about meeting his clients where they are at and educating them on maximizing their athletic potential. Establishing strong foundations in eccentric, isometric and concentric movements are keys to Jeremiah’s vision for success. Jeremiah ran track for three years and has coached soccer for five years at a variety of levels ranging from 5th grade to highschool varsity.