Members, would you like to use The Lab from 10pm - 4am? 


If so, please read the following and complete the form linked below. Please give us 24 hours to complete requests.


IMPORTANT: If people are not following the these rules, we will have to again close from 10pm-4am - please do your part so we can remain open!

  • Must have an active membership to The Lab Athletic
  • Must be 18+ with valid drivers license or be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.
    • ​Parents/guardians - we will not add access for a minor, so your phone must be on the account to be granted after hours access. Please email us with any questions.
  • Click HERE to complete the form so you can be added to a custom access group. Once access has been granted, we will respond back to the email provided in the form.
    • You are NOT allowed to be in The Lab from 10pm - 4am until you receive confirmation back from us via email.
  • Everyone MUST scan into the building. If someone is unable to scan in, they are NOT allowed to enter the facility until their issues are resolved. No exceptions!
    • We have a zero tolerance policy regarding guests, if you let someone in, you will be fined $50 per guest, and your access will be deactivated - you will no longer be allowed to enter the facility. If they just tell you they are members, that is NOT good enough.
  • Respect our facility, take care of the equipment, and clean up after yourself!

*** Logs and surveillance will be reviewed frequently!