Guidance for Social Distancing and Use of The Lab Athletic 


In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines for social distancing in youth sports as well as the Governor’s Executive Orders, we have devised a plan to offer programming at The Lab Athletic. This plan will provide opportunities for youth to develop or maintain fitness, enhance skills, mental well-being, and social and emotional health in a safe and controlled environment. Safety is our primary concern and all items listed below must be agreed upon and followed by all parties to use the The Lab Athletic.

Please be respectful of others and practice social distancing at all times. If you are not feeling 100%, please stay home. There will be absolutely no guests allowed for the forceable future. We will be cleaning the facility multiple times each day; including early mornings and/or late evenings which will include regular deep cleaning and disinfecting. Each person is required to wipe down any equipment they come in contact with by using the disinfecting wipes and other supplied cleaning products that we have provided onsite.

Restrooms will be available, but social distancing and handwashing is mandatory. Social Distancing with-in pods requires a 3-foot radius around each participant, resulting in a 6-foot total distance between any two people. 




       Each area will be considered its own "pod”. Pods are broken down as follows: each half court, each fitness area, turf area, and mezzanine. All pods must contain no more than 5 people including trainer/coach & players. 

       There will be no congregating in the commons area. This space will only be used for participants before and after their event.

       There will be no parents or spectators allowed in the commons area. If it is necessary for them to attend, they must maintain proper social distancing.

       When a player is attending a camp, clinic, or other training session, parents are encouraged to not wait in the facility when possible. Due to the limited space and social distancing requirements,

       There should be NO CONTACT and social distancing between participants is advised.

       All participants must bring their own labeled balls.

       Where equipment is shared, all surfaces should be cleaned/disinfected between uses.

       Water fountains can be used for filling water bottles only. 

       ALL members must scan into the facility.

       Any participant or coach/trainer that feels ill must stay home. 

       If a participant or coach starts feeling ill or displaying symptoms, they will be removed from the group and sensitively isolated until they are able to be picked up. 

       Renters are welcome to provide hand sanitizer for use by their participants during their scheduled time using the facility. Donations of sanitizer/disinfectant wipes are always greatly appreciated. 

While we will do everything we can to provide participants with a healthy and safe environment, it is ultimately up to parents and caregivers to monitor their children for symptoms and keep them home if they are ill. Routine temperature checks are advised. The Lab Athletic is not responsible for any participant coming down with an illness. Please participate in programs in the facility at your own risk. 

Future steps may include allowing for larger groups and/or flexibility around intermixing between teams and will likely have different guidance based on allowing contact that normally occurs in the sport. In general, MDH will be increasing parameters based on the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Minnesota. We will be providing updates to all facility users as the situation evolves.

UPDATE (7/24/20):

Masks required at The Lab Athletic as of July 25th. All of the details can be found here: