All Speed Clinic

5th Grade - 12th Grade - This Speed Clinic for ALL SPORTS. Athletes no matter your sport SPRINTING is critical! Learn how to put your body in better positions to produce more force and move faster.  

Our ALL THINGS SPEED CLINIC is a snapshot into our program that focus on mastering these key elements that consistently help our athletes excel in competition.

Speed Development Focus:

  • Linear and Lateral Movement
  • Proper Sprinting Mechanics ( Position, Posture and Placement )
  • Acceleration ( First 1-10 Steps)
  • Deceleration ( Stopping)
  • Change of Direction ( Agility )

Claim your spot before they fill up. Spots are limited.

Registration Info:

  • When: April - Specific Date TBD
  • Location: The Lab Athletic
  • Time: 9am-12pm
  • Cost :$50
  • Registration info Coming Soon!