Fastpitch lessons are currently available for Hitting, Catching, and Defense

If you are looking for pitching lessons or something else, please email us at [email protected]

Hitting, Catching, or Defense Lessons:

Schedule your private lessons, train with a friend, or put your own small group together to train with Alyssa Reina.

*Prices shown below assume you have a TLA membership. If you do not have an active TLA membership there is a $15 per athlete facility fee in addition to the trainer fee posted below

  • 1:1 (private lesson) = $60 per hour 
  • 1:2 (buddy lesson) = $40 (per athlete) per hour
  • 1:3/1:4 (small group) = $30 (per athlete) per hour

If you are not yet a member of The Lab Athletic, but would like to get more information and/or register, click HERE! Having a membership gives you the added benefit of working on your new skills any time you want, with our 24/7 access (included with all of our memberships).

Steps to book training with Alyssa - you can contact her directly at [email protected]