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Basketball & Sports Performance Program

Speed, Agility, Strength, and Mindset

Training sport specific skills along with speed, strength, and agility is an unmatched combination. Here at The Lab Athletic, we are able to offer both programs, under one roof – back to back.

How this program works:

Each session includes 45 minutes of basketball skills training and 45 minutes of speed, strength, and agility training for a total of 60-minute sessions. And as always with any training at The Lab, we focus on building a complete athlete.

All of our trainers have played sports at a high level and they know that if confidence and mental toughness are not instilled in our youth, it doesn’t matter how strong or skilled they are, it won’t show up during competition or when pressures arise. We help to build great athletes and great people on the court and in life.


9-14 (boys and girls)


Mondays and/or Thursdays 5-6:30pm


  • 1x per week (6 hours per month) $110 
  • 2x per week (12 hours per month) $195 

​*TLA facility membership required


Click HERE and then look for the "Basketball and SPT" option

Please Note: this is just one of the tailored programs we offer. At The Lab, we are not exclusive to any particular basketball trainers. We have many quality trainers that we can offer you. Each of them handle their own programs, pricing, schedules, etc - if you are interested in learning more, let us know. If you are a member at TLA and you have a favorite trainer who you would like to bring in, they are welcome as well, please just email us at thelabathletic@gmail.com to discuss.